About Litom

      I used to live in an old block in California where there were few street lights. Our yard was so dim that my wife was afraid of opening the door after a tiring OT every night. She was scared to death by any movements around, and thus usually fumbled for the keyhole with a torch. Initially, I only wanted to surprise my wife -- install a simple self-made sensor light on the door. In this way, the light will come out automatically as soon as my wife walked towards the door. The idea pleased her even though an improvement in its design, brightness and waterproof level was needed. The smile on her lovely face impressed me at her first sight of the light. Later, she shared the idea with our neighbor, which turned out to find that the same problem puzzled them as well.

     Home is where you feel safest and most comfortable. Go home with a light mood, instead of fear and discomfort caused by darkness. Inspired by this idea, we set up LITOM to provide more “timid wives” with quality and convenient courtyard lights. The eco-friendly solar energy is the core energy of the product, freeing from complex power cords and frequently changed batteries. Even my wife can complete the installation without effort because ease is what we want to deliver to everyone. Moreover, we have continued to improve function, such as waterproof level and lighting brightness. Our solar lights can work normally even in freezing days.

    LITOM solar light is by far the most popular brand in the online market, with a user population of *, the sales volume of * and a sound reputation. What’s more, the use of LITOM solar light serves to save the energy of * per year, which is friendly to the environment. Meanwhile, we have created more related products gradually, solar courtyard lights, eye-protection desk lamps and book lights, etc. We are looking forward to lighting up your life with health and pleasant experience. Let light warm home!